Mass Airflow Sensor Recommendations

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2003 Mk2.5 NBFL
  2. I’m based near: Oxford
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: MAF Sensor recommendations.

I replaced my Mass Airflow Sensor last year after the engine management light came on and the OBD reader diagnosed a fault.

I bought a brand new one from MX5 Parts for £30-odd and all was well, but recently I’ve had problems with the light coming back on and it running poorly and misfiring.

Just had a mechanic diagnose the MAF sensor again.

Looking online at MX5 Parts there’s one review(from April 2020) for the same sensor I bought which says:

“Worked well at first … it started failing a few months after fitment … it started causing a misfire before sudden failure. Replacing it with that tired 20-year old sensor immediately cured it though.
Useful as a short-term fix, but don’t count on it’s reliability.”

Can anybody recommend a better Mass Airflow Sensor please?



12 month warranty on mx5parts

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Thanks Richard. I found my receipt (12th March) and have emailed MX5 Parts.

Hi Darren

The OE FS1E MAF often last the life of the car. I would recommend a known good used replacement.
As a matter of interest are you using a paper air filter?
I ask because oil infused air filters do often seem to involved when there is an issue with these hot wire MAF sensors, particularly those fitted to MK2 and MK2.5 cars. I have sold lots over the years and question buyers when possible; there is definitely a connection.

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Thanks Rhino.

Sounds like a used OE MAF would be better than a brand new one then?

I installed a cone air filter a month AFTER I replaced the faulty MAF sensor. I reverted back to the paper filter and box 4 months after.

Seems that may be a reason for the fault reappearing then! :thinking:

It could be an issue with the connector rather than the MAF. Dirt or a damaged wire that fixed itself when you fitted the new MAF and again when you replaced it again. Some electrical connector cleaner and some probing with a multimeter could be wise.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a squirt before installing.

The oiled filter is a bit controversial. Maybe people are overoiling, as many manufacturers fit oiled cotton filters to performance models, including Mazda on their M2-1028 MX5.


Alternatively, fit a dry sponge filter from HKS or Ramair

I only had mine on for 4 months, didn’t get a chance to oil it.
I’ve now got the original air box setup back on (since August) and tomorrow I’m going to check my previous MAF to see if that changes the running of the engine.

Those £30 MAF sensors are just rubbish, that’s why they’re so cheap.

Yes, I now know that. A lesson learned, don’t go with the cheapest!

The problem seems to have been resolved.

I put the original MAF back on (I replaced it because of the engine management light illuminating itself for a few days, but there were no symptoms). And new spark plugs because the old ones were caked in soot.

I reset the ECU, turned the key, and it started up and ran perfectly.

Now I can book the MOT! :grin:

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I learned that the same way.

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