May 22 spring rally

Do Club members need to book tickets.?

Yes, just go to the link above.

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So I have to book a specific time to go in / out of the museum, does that mean I can only go around once ???

I would say so, how many times will you want to go round?

We were at the Gaydon rally a few years ago, it got rather busy at one point you could hardly see the exhibits, we returned later in the day.

So I guess having a time slot (smaller museum) it’s best to prevent overcrowding.:+1:

Just the freedom to decide, if your having a day out you don’t want to be held to a schedule, its a long drive over 140 miles each way so I don’t want to be fixed to a specific time. So with that in mind I probably wont bother, i,m going to simply Japanese at beaulieu in July so thank but no

Cheers Ian, booked tickets looking forward to it, just need to find a hotel :+1:

Thanks. Ticket booked

All booked up and looking forward to this one! Can’t stay overnight on the Saturday so it’ll be a 211 mile run up on the day and the same back afterwards. The cars done about 12 miles in the last 6 months and is currently stored at my parents place… I’m sure it’ll be fine :smiley:

As an aside if anyone happens to see a broken down BRG mk1 at the side of the road between Norfolk and Wiltshire don’t forget to give a wave :joy:

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Living in Wiltshire, this is perfect for me, a short drive and home in time for tea. I used to drive past this museum every day on my commute and have always meant to visit

Tickets booked, see you there :+1:

Booked :rocket:

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Well, what a cracking day out. Thanks to all those involved with putting the event together.


Totally agree. Great day all round. Thanks to all the team from the South West area.

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Some Great shots from the day supplied by Amelia-Lee Goddard




My car sort of made the pictures lol.