May 22 spring rally

Could anyone confirm the date and venue for the Spring Rally please. I’ve scoured the event pages and cant find it - I want to get it in my diary before I’m booked for grandchildren minding duties!

I have not seen any specific details as yet and like you am waiting with eager anticipation.

As per the latest Soft top hard top magazine it proposed a date of Sunday 8th May for a spring social in Wiltshire. Still in the planning before a firm date I would say.

is this an event for the whole club or just a certain area?

The whole club plus any visitors who pay an entry fee is the normal format.


Four weeks on Sunday (10/04 - 08/05). Any more information yet on the Spring Social?

I just heard that from today we need to book a place, but HOW??? Going to be away from my computer for several days and do not want to miss this event! Colin

i have the same question and also where is it going to be?

anyone got a link to all the info please!
this will be my first chance to attend any kind of larger club meet and i do not want to miss it!
please help.

Folks, I am hopeful that it will all be in place in the next couple of hours or so, It has been very far from easy to get something together in this year with a late cancellation of our previously planned event.

please bear with, trying to get it all sorted.


actually i think this event might be just alittle too far for me.

however the national event at claydon looks viable for me

You have missed that one - Claydon was last years rally in September 2021.
The rallies are not too far if you make a weekend of it. We often book a hotel for the Saturday night, and judging by the number of MX5’s in the various hotel car parks, plenty of members are doing the same.

Still unable to get admision tickets and i do not think it is me?.

I’m still unable to book tickets. Can’t find any link on the info page for it.

Nothing showing in the events part of the store for booking as yet.

This is a little crazy, just how do we book? I am going away and might miss the opportunity to attend?

Be patient. I am sure the club is not deliberately withholding booking information.

There are a lot of unpaid volunteers spending inordinate amounts of their time to put this FREE event on for the benefit of members.

A little kindness and understanding would go a long way.


A little information or an update would go a lot further. :wink:

I ran into a problem with the timed tickets and had to set off to set up for Japfest, I’m working on it tonight. Hopefully fix the issue tonight and get them live.


Please book your vehicle pass here, remember to add a Museum visitor ticket slot (valid for up to 2 visitors)


My mx5 is going in for some more dredded rust work the week before the spring rally. I am a club member so if I was to book tickets can I still use then if I turn up in the daily driver which is far from anything mx5 like.