May Spring Rally

Turned out ‘really’ nice again and great to see so many. Lucky 13 met at M4 services and Kirk led the way to the rally.
Great venue and very well organized especially by the marshals ?? Wiltshire roads are great.


Thanks for sharing your photos. It looks like a grand day out for all. :+1:

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Really nice place. Lovely day for it as well. Thank you to the organisers. Really enjoyed the whole event, apart from the expensive burger vans

Hi Team
I loved the show very well organized a amazing musuem,and actually thought what good value the burger i had was,not only that it was one of the best most jucy burgers i had ever had,individually made then i was asked would i like various fillings including lettuce,cucumber,onion etc,then a generous quantity of sauce,and ALL for only £5.00.what value,much better tasting than that famous high street named company that must not be mentioned. All best Simon P.S this was the seperate vehicle stood near the entrance track,not the burger shack?.

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