Mazda Corporation Results

Q2 Results linked below, an interesting read in the global context.


Conspiracy theorists will surely speculate


Crikey! That is interesting. Not much talk of MX5 in future plans from what I can see.

The MX-5 makes little sense in the current global context, at least with an internal combustion engine.

But at least Mazda are working on micro-algae biofuels for us to use in place of petrol in our cars :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, that certainly looks like the “plan” elevation (tech, drawing term) of an MX5 with an overlay of an electrical propulsion system. But as you say that’s probably just to give any conspiracy theorists something to speculate about.

Especially as they are pretty explicit about the importance of China.

When MG Rover collapsed, the tooling for the MGTF was moved over to China, and there was a brave attempt to try and sell a sports car to the Chinese by making it there. Didn’t take off.

I doubt the MX5 is all that profitable. There were only able to make with Fiat’s cash, and now Fiat have bailed.

That “Electric platform image” is about the least informative bit of technical-looking filler clipart in the whole document. The future is cars with blue boxes joined by lines.

Much more interesting is trying to glean what they mean by stuff like “CASE technologies” (does it actually mean more than borrowing hybrid tech from Toyota?) and it looks like they still intend to pursue the interesting idea of a small EV product with a rotary engine range extender. Couple of mentions of larger 6cyl rear drive mild hybrids. That’s what customers seem to aspire to now and it’s a profitable line but it does nothing for the company’s fleet CO2 emissions (as discussed in another recent thread) since these vehicles are not in reality more fuel efficient.

Back in the day, this is what Mazda released to pass for their efforts into hybrid technology


Ever wondered by the NC has all that space behind the seats?