Mazda Gold Service

Seeking to maintain a Mazda service history since ownership, a week ago I subjected my Mk 3 2litre Sport to what proved to be an expensive gold service at the local Mazda dealer.
I would welcome comments on the following advisories 1. Both Windscreen wipers split
The car had only had a MOT four days before and no comment was made about this
Mazda service said that special wiper blades are required, is this true or can normal 18 inch blades be used? 2. Both rear camber inner bushes cracked and perished. I was told this is normal with age but I have no idea how expensive it would be to fix
3. I asked them to check the Air Con fluid which they did, but although I was told it was
low it was not topped up since they said this would take approx one and a half hours as all the old fluid had to be drained out first. Is this true?

Pretty much bollocks…but typical dealer speak. You can use any wipers, they’re the old hook style arms. As for an hour and a half…I’ve had several cars done and the machine sucks out the old ‘gas’, tests the system for leaks and refills. Never had one take longer than 30 minutes. No idea about your bushes.


Wipers can split at any time

Book time for air con will include “moving” car into workshop etc but 90 min does seem excessive. That said I can’t see why they need to drain the system, rather than just top up, unless it requires a repair

If the rear bushes are that bad, they should have warranted an MoT advisory- maybe get a second opinion

Dealers, of all shapes and sizes, are desperate for cash…

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The modern machines used for air con don’t do top ups. They suck the stuff out, then pressurise the system to check for leaks. Only if the system checks out do they then fill the system as it’s pointless putting gas into a leaky unit.


Gold Service …… just a euphemism for finding things wrong and making it sound serious, so you use them to fix it at maximum cost!
Wiper blades…. Just look at euro parts ( go through Top Cash back first and save even more money!)
And buy the parts you need through them.
Use YouTube and watch a tutorial on how to fit it, or get an independent garage to do it.

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Thanks and to all who have responded to this. I think the next service/repairs will be done at a local garage.

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Bumped into a Chap with Less Than 3 Yr Old MD & He Was ‘Fuming’ about our Local Mazda Dealership Costs
I Had Some Experiencing Using Them a Few Years Back with my NB 2.5
Never Again !!!

Thanks For Post :+1:

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I took my MD to snows Portsmouth for an MOT and Service back in march. Never ever doing that again. Was a horrific experience from start to finish.

Ended up speaking to the general manager about there awful service and having to send the car back a second time for them to sort out issues they’d caused the first time.

I did get a very good price on new tyres though, significantly cheaper than any tire garage I had tried!


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Took my NC 2.0L PRHT to Kwik Fit a couple of days ago. They told me that it would take around 90 minutes as it is the old type gas (R134a); in fact it was all finished in under an hour. They told me ~90grms of gas extracted and ~450grms added. All now working.

It’s Not Only Mazda

That Sell You Expensive/Useless Guarantees

Bought My NB 2.5 [2005] in 2007 [Second Owner From Car Lease Company - Mileage 25.228] for £10,795 from C**C**** Leeds

I’d Sold My House in W.Yorks to Move In With My Late Dad in N.Yorks as Carer to Prevent Him From Going into a Home

Had Sent Off the Removal Men
Last Task…Pick Up the MX5

The Company I Bought Her Off [Once the Cash Went Through From House Sale]

Had One Final Hurdle…They Literally Held Onto the Keys etc Whilst Selling Me the Guarantee at £495.00

Couldn’t Leave their Property Without Going Through This Process !

All I’m worried about is getting to my Brain Damaged Dad B4 the Removal Men because he wouldn’t be able to cope

And getting from Leeds to Whitby in an unfamilier car I’d only just driven around their car-park

Under Pressure I Signed Up

First Time I Tried to Use It - It Was Rejected- 'Insufficient Service Records From Car Lease Company