Mazda Menders saves the day - A thank you

When I got to Hagley Hall my Eunos reeked of fuel which turned out to be an O ring on the fuel rail that was pssng fuel everywhere. I mentioned this to Andrew from Autolink when I was collecting some parts I had ordered from him, and before I knew it, he had the car in the Mazda Menders area, had sourced a new O ring and fitted it, saving me the indignity of being traillered home.

Real community spirit there

Great job

Glad you got it sorted Yak and hopefully day not too badly spoilt.

If it was one of the injector ‘O’ rings or the pressure regulator ‘O’ ring that went I would advise replacing the others when convenient.

Autolink sell them…

Fuel Rail ‘O’ ring set   

I was on the one in front doing suspension and drop links, health check bay was busy so was the stand, and breaking into the car park roadsters to retrieve locked in keys,you know who you are :0) cup cakes went down a treat as normal, busy day.

Glad your sorted its what we are there for, at the club event, but i can not help but change the title to Menders saves the day…

See you all next year , drive safe, contact with any issues…


Consider it done, thanks again

Ah! thats where Patricia and Me could smell the fuel coming from…we were just having a little break from parking up all the cars…pleased to hear now is all well…