Mazda MX5 first car??

Hello all my name is Marcus this will be my first post and apologize if i have posted in the wrong area, if someone could point me in the right area if wrong please, well i am asking a qustion on the Mazda MX5 would it be a ideal first car, i am 16, 17 in december, i am planning ahead really, i have been researching insurance etc, i am able to afford such etc etc. hope someone can help,





If you can afford the insurance it is a great first car/second car/last car. However, I understood insurance companies wouldn’t insure it on anyone with less than a year on their full licence (rang around trying to get my gf added when she first passed her test)? Certainly insurance will cost you over £1500 at 17 on a 1.6 - if budget is no issue, I guess it’s no biggie, but you may want to check you CAN get insured on it first.

Well thanks for the info, yes i have checke with insurance, it is going to cost about 2,800, which is high i know, but to own a Mazda MX5 and join a group i would enjoy, would like to chat more on MX5 i geuss i have to browse around the forum to gain info.


Thanks  marcus

Hi Ya and welcome

How do yung uns afford £3k insurance?[:S]

He’s clearly not feeling the credit crunch :slight_smile:

I think I would rather spend £2K extra on a decent little starter runaround and only £1K on insurance, but like I said, if money’s no object…

 £2800 is less than I expected for a new driver. Lots of decent MX5s fro £1000-1500. For a first MX5/ first car, it might be better to aim for one of the later UK Mk1 1.6s, with the 90hp engine. Performance is fine for a starting car, you won’t get a MX5 thats cheaper to insure. Watch for rust though. Run it for a couple of years, then upgrade to an older Mk1 [:D]

Easy, no house or other commitments.

and to think i ‘made do’ with Fiestas for my first 10 years of driving [:(]

Just take it easy to start with if you’ve not driven a rear wheel drive car before…actually thinking back to my teens, just take it easy [sn] full stop [;)]  Remember my driving instructor telling me that if I survived my first year unscathed then I’d probaby be OK [^o)]



I started with cheap cars which mostly lasted me just a year or 2. This gave me good driving experience, cheap cars, cheap insurance and a good unerstanding of mechanics (because they needed constant attention).
My car history is:
Ford Cortina MkIII 1.6 - (£125 - 2 years?)
Vauxhall Chevette 1256 - (£200 - 1 year)
Rover P6 2000 - (£500 - 1 year)
Ford Cortina MkIII 2.0 Coupe (£500 - 2 years)
Rover P6 2200TC (£300 - 2 years - sold for £1500 [;)])
There were a few others in there which I don’t count as they were mostly parts for the other cars. Once I became a bit better off & older I bought better cars…
1985 Rover 216SE (£3000 - 5 years)
1992 Toyota Carina II 2.0 GLSi Executive (£4000 - 3 years)
And then I really moved up in the world [:D]

1998 Mazda MX-5 1.8i Berkeley (£16,750 - first ever new car! Probably last too - 7 years!!!)
I currently own…
2001 Mazda MX-5 1.8 Sport (£11,000 - 5 years so far)
1999 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec (£3000 - 3 years so far - bought for the daily grind)
Before cars I had a number of motorbikes - Malaguti, Fs1e, A100, GP100, AS125, GT250. Cheap way to travel. Wouldn’t recommend it on todays roads though.
There is no way I could have afforded better cars in the early years but I was buying everything with cash. These days nobody wants to wait that long and rely on credit instead. I still can’t get myself to do that.

Man,awsome if you can do it.  As someone who’s just got a '5 after 10 years of driving I’m pretty envious.
That said, as others have mentioned in this thread, you learn a lot and make a lot of mistakes in your first year or two of motoring.  I had a 1000cc Mini as my first car, and managed to spin that twice and properly crash it once in the first 18 months of so.  Fingers crossed, haven’t done anything like that since.
Rather than spending a bundle on insurance and buying a nice car that you stand a fairly high chance of damaging, why not buy an old banger to run around in for a year or two?  It’s the boring choice, I know, but I don’t think I spent £2800 on cars in the first 10 years of driving, let alone on insurance for one year!

Just keep in mind that if you buy a Fiesta or whatever then not only will your insurance be cheaper, but you are also more likely to have a years no claims in 12 months time.

 I’m 18 and my MX5 is my second car (as in I have owned 1 car before it, rather than owning 2 cars now).

If you can afford it, and won’t throw it into a lamp-post within 3 weeks of getting it, then I’d say go for it - it is a lovely car and is pretty unique.

You might get a few “hair dresser” comments at first, but keep in mind that;
1) No hair dresser would drive a car which messes up your hair
2) It is like wearing a pink shirt (if you catch my drift)

As previously mentioned, just watch out with rear wheel drive !  Especially in the wet.

 Other than that, go for it !!

I’ve just bought my daughter a MX5 MK3 in the last 3 weeks and insured it for her at a cost of £682.

I wanted her to have a Fiesta/Micra/Corsa/Swift … her mum has a Swift and she loves driving it.

However, she found out that a Swift would be about £400 Insurance and a 1.6 MK1 would be £550 - so, that was it - she wanted a MX5!

In the end, it ended up to be a 55 Plate Mark3 as the prices are so cheap now.

£2800 for Insurance, though, would make my eyes water … if you waited 3 years (a long time when you are 17 I know) it would be a lot cheaper!

Big Pete 

The problem with an MX5 as a 1st car is that although it is a forgiving car to drive in the right hands, the temptation to drive it to the limit in a novices hands raises the opportunity to get in to trouble with it especially with rear wheel drive IMHO.

My first MX5 was a 90HP 1.6 and it was ideal really, I was 22 though but insurance was still 900 quid as I was living in Leeds.

If I was you I’d put up with at least a year of driving a nondescript 1l hatchback to try and get your insurance down a bit though…

 You should be able to pick up a half decent 90hp car for under a grand I recon.


My first car was RWD too, but it was a chevette. A deathtrap actually. MX5 is far safer.

Sorry to be a party pooper here, but seriously - you’re going to crash it.
I dont care how good you think you are, or how many minors you got if you passed your test.  You’re going to drive everywhere with the foot on the floor and you’re going to come unstuck one day.  I’m not being pessimistic, I’m not being mean, I’m being honest.
TWO THOUSAND POUNDS on insurance??  if you can honestly justify that, I would say you need your bumps feeling.  I started out with a Micra, paid £1300 for the insurance alone as that was the cheapest I could find.  Seriously, save the MX5 for when you have more experience and less insurance risk.  Get a small engined supermini and drive the balls off it for 2 years, the upgrade to the 5 will seem miles better and you’ll enjoy it more.  You’ll also have 2 years no claims (hopefully) which will make the whole thing a lot cheaper.
 I’m going to get flamed to hell for this I think, but I dont care - I was 17 only 6 years ago and I know how I drove and how every other 17year old I knew drove, we had digital accelerator pedals.
Plus, you’ll be ferrying people to and from nights out all the time and will need 4 seats [:D]

I do agree with Turkey Welder but if he’s going to do it, lets at least advise him to do it the safest way possible.

My grandson also fancies an MX5 as his first car.

I would agree that it would be sense to have something fairly basic with 4 seats for the first year or so - it is a very big learning curve.

However, if you go on and do Pass Plus I believe it can help with insurance premiums.