Mazda MX5 Guiness World Record Result

Sunday April 28th 2019 Spring Rally Elvington Airfield.
Hello all, almost 1 year on, and we have never had the results from the Guinness World Record establishment as to whether we got the records or not. Surely after all this time somebody should inform us all. After all those great MX5 enthusiasts, including myself and my grandson of 11 years old, gathering from all corners of the UK there should be some contact. If for any reason these records were not achieved can we find out why.
Keep safe and kind regards Derek Smith.

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Hello Derek, a very good question. Feb 2020 STHT gives our latest update on the situation.

Thanks to you all for this information and to Ian for his tremendous efforts in attempting to get the answers. For me as a marshal on the day with my 11 year old grandson Sam it was extremely special. The enthusiasm and great atmosphere made for a great day. It will be a great pity if a small number ruin our chance of such a memorable record. Thanks again . Derek

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I just queried it with our man in the know as well, and he said “never say die” so we won’t … :smiley:


If it wasn’t achieved it must have been a shame, but as we are now MX5 owners, our vehicle will be there to assist in making the numbers increase should the club make another attempt as and when restrictions allow.

Hi Richard its rather annoying if we dont get the two record’s especially when people travelled long distances to attend. Its a small number who joined in without signing in. My grandson Sam aged 11 and I marshalled on the day getting all those cars into order to find some didnt abide by the requests. Well you never know nothing has been reported as yet. All the best. Derek

this topic deserves a witty reply about maintaining gaps (or not being able to as helped sink our WR efforts) and the current social distancing, something else a few folks don’t seem too good at, I can’t think of one though,

Martin all i can say to those culprits who never signed in they should wear face masks. I know its not witty but there we go. Keep well and safe. Derek

Sad news,However here is a great reminder of such a fantastic day…
MX-5 Owners Club World Record Attempt - Spring Rally 2019 - YouTube

Hi John, have you had any correspondence regarding the Guinness record. ? I haven’t seen anything. After all this time im not expecting a positive result. All the best Derek dynamodel

If you read our chairman Martin’s post above it says it all, so many MX5ers did not display thier number and or keep to the 2 car distance, never the less a great experience…

It didn’t happen, we all had the same dream.
Maybe my number had something to do with it…666.

Hi well for me I find it really disappointing after all the work people had put in to organize this major event. For my grandson aged 11 who was eager to help on the day and marshall along with myself its a poor result. On a positive note it shows the scale of enthusiasm for our MX5s. Dynamodel

Maybe Guiness themselves should qualify for a world record for being lazy/incompetent/forgetful, or …?

not Guiness’s fault people thought it funny to hang back then gun it on track, or not pick up/display a number

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Agreed with everything you say Richard, but Guiness themselves could at least reply or explain.

I have had multiple correspondence with Guinness on setting up and getting through this process. it is singularly the most frustrating experience I have faced in many years.
They are essentially a money making machine, want and answer in less than 12 weeks?.. pay, want to submit an attempt with correspondence?.. pay. The fees ranges from hundreds of pounds to thousands and are record and participant dependant.

I started out years ago with every hope to get an adjudicator - Norris McWhirter style the outline quote for the that before costs was £9K. If Mazda were going to be involved add another near £20K

I have tried everything to get this done through the Standard (free)channel, that took a couple of misfires on some of the admin but every correspondence takes 12 weeks (regardless), got to a point that was advised that on initial assessment the record was unlikely to be met due to the gaps in the line, but we will need to run this through the Priority service to have that confirmed, that would involve an extra fee roughly £600 to get the letter.

Put the situation to the Committee and the feeling is no point in pursuit at cost.

We will make another attempt, it will be only a shot at the record and not as part of another event - as soon as we get through the Covid period the planning for it can start.


Well, in a word ‘sod them’ i was there and enjoyed the day.

What other people’s thoughts are is up to them, but i would write it off to experience.
We all know what we did.

Thank you for the clarification Ian.