Mazda on Track events

As you may have read in STHT, Mazda on Track is now the motorsport partner of the OC. At MoT we are very pleased to have the opportunity to provide motorsport events for club members. In our view the MX-5 is one of the most capable track cars has been under represented on track for far too long.

We provide a range of motorsport activities at various venues and tracks around the UK all designed to be fun, friendly and informal.

Our goal is to build a club spirit for OC members for as fun as the events are, they are a lot more enjoyable when you can share them with others. To encourage this, have a look at our calendar, if there is an event you want to do, find or encourage 4 or more other members or friends to come and we will give you a discount code to reduce the cost of your day. We will also give you loads of support and encouragement, we can bring spares to track, and even special order parts, and if you are a total novice we will help you through your first day and provide some tuition too.

 Ha ha, there’s nothing like a gentle nudge… I joined MOT a few months back, but haven’t made it to any events yet… have read some great reports about the car control days and the trip to the Nurburgring, so I’ll have a look at my calendar and get something booked sharpish!!


Would really love to do one of the handling days, but cash is currently tight. Anyone else interested from the Hemel area and want to club together for a discount?

Going again tomorrow for a car control day at Finmere. Er 4th time… Very adictive and great fun. Highly recommended and great bunch of guys. Going to be seriously warm tomorrow so see what happens to the rubber… Can’t get much more smoke off them as it is without setting them on fire!!! Dancing

 See if you can find some Ammonia!

Mazda On Track, the Owners Club Motorsport partner are offering 10% discount on all track days to be held at Blyton for OC members. In order to benefit from this offer, members are requested to contact me by PM or e-mail for the discount code prior to booking on the MOT website.

MOT have this year reviewed there pricing, offering value for money and guaranteeing no overcrowding on there events ensuring a fair amount of track time for all taking part.

If you wish to know more about what MOT can offer, or just want to know more about track days please either contact Nick at MOT via there web site or myself via the forum.

Stay Safe and Enjoy

Peter McNicol

OC Motorsport Coordinator

EBC Brakes are very generously offering 30% on their products.

Please contact me with your Membership number and what you wish to order, I will then issue you with an account number and a number to contact EBC to pay for your order and give your address for delivery.