Mazda Roadster Mk2 VS Automatic questions

I know the Mazda Roadster Mk2 1.8 VS Special Edition was a Japan-only car with quite a nice spec: Green with tan leather, 146bhp engine, six speed gearbox and Torsen 3.9 lsd but does anyone know what the mechanical spec of the automatic version is?
In particular, does it have the same 146bhp engine and does it have an lsd? And if so, what ratio is it?

The reason I ask is that I have just acquired a car that was imported in 2016 and has an utterly solid, rust-free bodyshell and very clean running gear. The thought occurred to me that this would make a basis for a decent track car though I would need to convert the auto box to a six speed manual. Before I get too carried away, I want to be sure that the other mechanical bits are the same as the manual car. Any thoughts or info greatly appreciated.

No LSD on autos. 4.1 final drive. Same 145PS VICS engine.

Cheers Saz. I suspected no lsd in which case its starts to become a bit of a carry on converting it to track use, with having to change the gearbox etc. I do have a spare lsd so its possible I suppose.

There’s a few wiring changes you’ll need to make, plus I believe the propshaft on the auto is shorter than the manual. But it’s not a huge job if you’re good with spanners. I think the electrics are the worst part of it

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