Mazda sprint series

Will the Mazda Sprint series go ahead this year now that the Japanese sprint series has been scrapped?

I asked Jerry Furner (new Motorsport Co- Ordinator) about the club discount codes and this was the reply - I think it probably answers your question. I’ll probably enter some of the Javelin sprint series anyway, but it’s a shame it’s no longer part of the club’s activities as it was last year.

Q - “Last year I entered the now defunct Japanese Sprint Series with the Club and used the Club’s discount codes. Are there any codes for this year / the new series?”

A - “Unfortunately this year the club is not supporting the Javelin sprint series as the MX5 class no longer forms part of the series, so we do not have any discount scheme in place.”

Edit - There does appear to be a Mazda Sprint Series sub-class in the Javelin sprint series if you go to the entry page. Round 1 at Blyton sold out - I was intending to enter that:(

Thanks for that super_7

I’ll probably enter the next round then if it’s not sold out too.

The old man and I were really looking forward to taking part in the Japanese Sprint Series this year. It’s a real bummer it never went ahead, and even more of a bummer that we couldn’t get a place in the parent series due to a lack of capacity. Oh well, first world problems i suppose! :upside_down_face: