Mazdaspeed 1.8 Turbo Ltd Edition

I am looking at a Japanese Import Mazdaspeed 1.8 Turbo factory produced car. Does anyone know anything about them and if so, how can I tell if it is indeed a Genuine Factory Car and not an aftermarket modified NB.

Hope this is the right place to post this question.

Are you talking about the Roadster Turbo factory model from 2004?


Yes that’s the one.
I think it was quite a short production run of just over 5.000 with over 4.000 LHD going to the US. Production was from 2004 to 2005. Any validating Info would be useful if you know anything specific to the genuine car that would distinguish from a Retro Kitted imposter. Chassis and Engine number format plus any physical attributes would be really hepful.

Well there were 350 in Japan, not sure how many LHD for the USA

It should have the unique front and rear skirts, large rear lip spoiler, and be either red, white, silver, or green

I’ve added the catalog here:

roadster turbo

Thanks, very informative.
From what I can see, it looks right apart from the missing Rear Spoiler.
What do you think ??

I don’y seem to be able to Post Pix so look here:
cornwallon dot com

Looks like the real deal

Boost gauge and gear knob have been added by a previous owner, stereo has been changed for a UK version so doesn’t match, not sure what’s happened to the spoiler, that will not be easy to replace with a genuine part

Yes, I also noticed the Boost guage, Stereo and Gear Knob. Quite minor deviations and in fact I like the thought of Bose sound performance.
The car is a fresh import just now being registered as you will notice from the Pix that there are no plates on the car.
As to how it got a Bose Sound System is not clear at the moment.
It would be nice to know Chasis and Engine Number format for genuine Mazdaspeed Factory cars.
I’ve (bravely) put down a deposit unseen as it’s over 400 miles from sunny Southwest of Cornwall. Will fly up and fetch it in a couple of weeks.

Do you know of any or hor many others made it to the UK ??
And before I forget, thanks for your very knowledgeable help.

Probably just a handful in the UK.

I did have a set of the wheels on my old car so parts do exist somewhere.


Its cheap enough, and the give away is the non-VVT engine.

MPS cars don’t have a specific VIN range.

There was one other car on this forum, a silver MPS that was originally sold in Australia. He had damaged one of the Racing Hart wheels, and had an enormous trouble trying to get a replacement. The engine is almost entirely unique to this model.

The Bose system is missing; often these cars arrive with a hole in the dash, either removed before auction or robbed in the docks.

Roadster Bose:

This car does not have this.

Given the low price, I would have asked to see the auction condition sheets before handing over any deposit. Find out why the car is missing the front foglamps. I suspect this is an R-grade car, and has had some repairs.

The windblocker is missing, and the deck carpet has been disturbed. Check under the carpet on the rear deck for holes cut for a roll cage, and also for drilled holes behind the seats. The dealer has some additional photos on their website.

Not that hard to find on sale in Japan:

860,000 yen; £6000, before FOB, shipping, 10% duty, 20% VAT etc

So, the dealer paid no where near this for the car at auction (likely a 100% markup).

Thanks for that further Information.
My main concern was that it was a Genuine car and not a Retro Modded Imposter. I was also aware that a few things like the Boot Lip Spoiler was midding etc and the price I got it for allows a margin to redress that as the oportunity arises.
Anyway, I’ve purchased it unseen 400 miles away and paid a deposit. So I’m totally committed now I know (99.9%) it is a Genuine car and will fly up to collect it in a couple of weeks.

I hope it works out for you.

Not many white MK2.5 cars and it is the most popular colour for new cars now.



Hopefully the frame is straight.

As it’s a freshh import only now in the process of UK registration, I am making the big leap of faith that any company going through the process source in Japan then shipping etc they will have checked thoroughly before they purchased it. This is not their first Jap import so I make the big assumption that they have technical expertise over there to sort out any wronguns at point of purchase.
Maybe I’m a little too trusting, only time will tell.

It’s certainly a bold way to buy a car, hope it works out for you 


As them for a copy of the Auction Sheet… A lot of R-grade cars are imported, as they make more money sold here. Sometimes its just external panel damage. If they won’t provide it, ask for your deposit back. They should have no reason to fear sharing this document. The way these importers work is that they generally employ a few local agents to look for particular cars, quickly assess them on auction day, and make a bid. The auction sheets are quite transparent, and I don’t think they can return a car once thy have bid and won it. The rear spoiler may have been deleted by the factory; I recall that a lot of the M2-1001s didn’t have a boot spoiler because owners didn’t want it.


A 2003 Nissan Cube I looked at Autolinkuk was an R-Grade. the front panels were all misaligned, and the rear bumper corner had been repaired in Japan with used parts. The seller was quite up front about this. With some R-grade cars, it is hard or impossible to spot where the damage is, others, frankly the workmanship is often poor. Whether that reflects typical Japanese standards, or more likely, a car destined for export, I’m not sure. Nevertheless, the lowest a high miles, ex-municipal Nissan Cube Sloper could be sold here was £3500; I know how much the car had cost in Japan, the costs to get it here, and on the road, and the need to show something for their money being tied up at sea for six weeks. It might be difficult to believe, but the importers don’t go out of their way to locate the best condition and least profitable cars. They try and hit a happy balance, ideally looking for cars in Japan that have already been repaired.


In some cases, these importers don’t buy direct from an auction. Another Nissan Cube I was looking at was advertised by the UK importer, using photos taken dockside in Japan. Craftily, he ommitted one photo, which showed a damaged corner. I was able to find the Japanese export specialist that sold him the car, who posted up the full set of photos on a different car. By the time the car was here, and fully registered, the damage had disappeared, and the car was being described as top quality etc. A practiced eye spotted that the rear bumper hadn’t been painted the dual colour intended by Nissan.


A little bit of research might uncover some further photos of this Roadster, but hopefully the seller will save you the time and be more forthcoming.


I flew up to Yorkshire from Newquay on Sunday and closely inspected the car. It is clearly 100% factory Original Mazdaspeed.

Bodywork looks superb and there is no sign of filler or ripples on any of the panels. All panel gaps are straight and even. It drives superbly with a big kick when the revs get toward 4k. From 2k upward, the power is smooth and progressive. Absolutely what I was expecting and hoped for. We drove the 400 miles back trouble free and very enjoyably.

The Hood is completely shot, but I fully expected that from the description and Pictures. I have booked it in for a tailor made mohair replacement this coming Monday and only just over 2 hours away which is a surprise.

So to summarise although probably not well maintained in recent years, I have got exactly what I wanted at a very good price.


Once again thanks for all the knowledgeable advice it was invaluble for me buying unseen 400 miles away.

Do you still have this car?