Meister R Zeta Pro springs, NA/NB

Does anyone know the specs of the Mester springs.

The owner of the S-Limited I sold a couple of years back has an issue with a cracked rear sprng. By the sounds of it Meister aren’t much help, and seem to have moved on from supporting older setups. They list springs, but its a bit vague.

The condition of the spring is appalling. I fitted them end of 2013, and never put many miles on the car. They now have the appearance of a 25 year old spring, completely rusted, and cracked at the bottom. In contrast, my P5 Puredrive springs, from 2008 and a bazillion mies, have just a few flecks of paint coming off.

I’m kind of hoping there is an off the shelf replacement thats close enough, and help this owner out

In 2013, odometer reading ~163,000 kms

Around about 2015

Now, odometer reading 194k kms, coincidently the same shock. Shocking

Here you go…

Your code looks like 62.170.005… (fronts and rear will be different as a guess)

As they’ve used a Meister sticker to brand the spring, I’d guess it’s not a bespoke or Meister-unique spring. If it were you might expect a painted ‘Meister’ in the same way the spring code is painted.

The springs have their details printed on them in the following formats:

Straight and barrel springs: Example 62.180.008

  • 62 = internal diameter in mm
  • 180 = spring length in mm
  • 008 = spring rate in kg per mm

Taper springs: Example

  • 100 = internal diameter one end in mm
  • 62 = internal diameter the other end in mm
  • 230 = length in mm
  • 005 = spring rate in kg per mm

Source here



For completeness, factory specs of the shocks:

Front: 62mm ID, 180mm length, 6kg/mm
Rear: 62mm ID, 170mm length, 5kg/mm


I suppose 2.25" diameter springs are close enough.