Members area access

Hi, I’m new to the club, and I might be missing something obvious but having a look for what events you go to, for me to go to as well (tunerfest oulton park and japfest) i don’t seem to have access to areas of the forum which it said I would have. I am a full paid member, am i missing something???

Can you access the areas under this link?

If so you have full members access.

I had this as well, I think my iPad wasn’t actually logging me out then back in when I logged in. I cleared all cookies and bingo, everything worked.

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i can see via the link but cant create posts it would appear

You might want to try signing out fully, then signing back on.
A full sign out is done by going to your “account preferences”, clicking on “security”, and then on “log out all”.


thanks, I’ve tried that but no difference :grimacing: bit annoying to say the least as I wanted to post in the members area

Which bit? You need to select a sub category, you will not be able to post at the top level.

Can you read topics and posts in the “members only” category?

Thank you IanH, I hadn’t realised this! on closer inspection, yes I can post on the relevant discussion page. A moment of muppetry, I’m feeling slightly foolish now :clown_face:

Thanks everyone for your help!


No worries this software is a learning experience for us all :slight_smile: