Members Discount



I just renewed my membership and wanted to access the Halfords discount. I can’t see any links to the members benefits section and when I find the link via google I get a message telling “You tried to enter an area where you didn’t have access”.

Can someone provide me access to the discounts area please? I have parts to pick up from Halfords and don’t want to pay full price!





Ah, ok I found it via the downloads section, clear as mud!

It is clearer here.  Enjoy you purchases.

Thanks for the reply. When I click on the link I get the same message: “You tried to enter an area where you didn’t have access” and when I click “continue” I just get taken to the main forum homepage. It looks like the website is not giving me access to all areas, I literally just renewed my membership. Thanks for posting the link though…

It works fine for once I’ve logged on . I wonder if your membership renewal needs an overnight update for it to work? Strange one.