Membership lapsed

Hi All,

As most of you know we sold our mx5 a year ago having owned 2 since 2013. As members of the oc we have had some enjoyable drives and days out which were mainly due to Burton & Leslie and their organising skills, Trevor & Trish - Wales trip, Keith & Maxine - Xmas dinners, Humpty, Eileen & Trevor with the news … Thank you for your efforts and friendship. We have met some interesting and lovely people along the way but for now it is time to move on. 

To all thank you and enjoy your 5’s 

For now we are leaving the gang ( not saying we won’t be back) see what the future brings. 

Best wishes 

Gary & Shelley

p.s civic type rgt has also gone, now with a Jaguar f-pace… I can’t help it it’s a mechanical condition I suffer from 

Good luck!  Get well soon!

Hi Gary,

Pat and I were only recently discussing the merits/ drawbacks of single brand owners clubs such as Honda/ BMW/ Ducati etc in relation to members changing brands. I know these are all motorcycle manufacturers, but the outcome is very often the same, ie people moving on.The next minute we were citing you and Shelley as examples of people we had recently enjoyed meeting and spending time with, who themselves had changed cars, and therefore no longer were part of in this case, the MX5 owners club. As I said, it does happen, and it’s always sad when people move on for whatever reason, however, can we just say it was really nice to have had the opportunity to have shared some pleasant times with you both, and may we wish you all the very best for the future.
Kind Regards,

Mike and Pat.