Mice Damage

Hello to all. First post as a relatively new member. Good timing I think not but I wish everyone well. Having parted with my beautiful but unreliable Triumph Stag we took the plunge and went down the MX route. Great fun. However they didn’t like the Stag but the mice love the MX5 and have devoured the pipe insulation around the engine block. Apparently you can’t buy the insulation separate from the pipe which is a bit of a pain. At present I’ve replaced the insulation with standard foam pipe lagging from B&Q. My question is whether this is up to standard regards heat from the engine block? And yes I realise it’s not quite concours but as a quick solution……

Which pipe?

Is this the insulation

Yep and a couple of others - see photo

Also did the overflow pipe from the coolant header tank and the windscreen washer pipes!

Hi Robbie

Plus windscreen wash pipe and coolant overflow pipe!

Nothing subject to huge amounts of heat there, probably the heater pipe will be getting the hottest. I don’t know what exactly you’ve brought from B&Q but I’d say that the likelihood is that it’s suitable.

Ok thanks Robbie. I’ve just used standard compressed foam pipe lagging. No problem so far but obviously not using the car much at present.

I used to get small furry critters chewing stuff in my attic and garage but since installing ultra-sonic repellers some years ago I’ve not had any problems. You can get both mains and battery powered ones and a battery powered one would fit under the bonnet.

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Thanks i’m going to try one of those. They seem to have moved house now the weather has improved.

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