Midsomer Murders yesterday..... Red MK 1

Red MK 1

It was one of the suspects cars and drew the attention of Inspector Barnaby.

:yes: ! Inspector said something like…“I remember when district nurses drove around in Morris Minors” :)


I’m sure it was a mk1 car but displaying an 04 plate. Glaring error ruined the whole show for me !   

Well I thought I saw the reg start with a letter M or N when I was watching the tv program.   If you copy and paste the address below, you can see it’s an N reg 1996 1.8

But here’s a pic of it, I presume on set:


It was definately a MK1 & I was sure the first part of the reg was ML04, I questioned the reg with my other half but he didn’t see it!  


I didn’t see this shot during the episode, when I saw the car it was parked to the left of screen, I think by a hedge & facing camera so I could see the frog eye lights, now I’ll have to find a repeat, I’m feeling confusedConfused 

Maybe it’s on Yous Tubes Smile 

I’m confused too now, as I’m sure I saw an “M”  not an “N”, which ties in with what you say.  It was definately a MK 1 as I saw it head onwith it’s little side lights and flip-up lights in the down position.  I could even make out the old etermal flame badge.  The shape of the front was unmistakeable.   Plus it’s on the website as being used on Midsomer Murders.   I suppose they’d have to change the reg plate for the true owners protection or somethinConfused

My dad has his VW Fastback used in a few TV programmes… it can be quite lucrative.Wink


 Not looked on you tube, just tried ITV Player but not on there, shall have to keep huntingConfused

This guy thinks so too!



The picture posted is a bit of a red herring as it is from a different episode.  

I’ll try to hunt the episode down Big Smile


Tis indeed!  Found it on You Tube.  It’s ML04 VZM

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD4h8pJSguo       errrr… how do you post a link???  the “insert link” icon does not work!

Dorothy, played by Stephanie Cole called it a “flashy little sports car”, trying to make out that she sponges off her parents Big Smile  Later on it was said the car was bought for Megan for £14000 3 years ago.  Whistling


Its at 06.29 if you don’t fancy watching the whole clip