Milton Keynes & Chilterns web site - forum

Great job by Peter & His Team to get this up and running. let see how many people   are using it & have found it

 those that have seen this please leave a a comment. stating  what region that you are from  Thanks



Martin Bennett   Milton Keynes & adopted   Northampton


Seen what?

Might have a look if I knew where to look!!

Thanks Martin for the plug, the website can be accessed through the link in STHT, which is:


As this is fairly new we still have a lot of work to do, all the Milton Keynes and Chilterns members have been sent e-mails or notified of the site on the group Facebook page.

Everyone else is more than welcome to come and see what the region has planned for the future, and soon to be included the events we have been involved with.

Thanks again, Peter

Link on this topic.


There is a link in this topic, thanks.

Obviously the answer is, not that many, which is a shame


Well, one reason for that may be that the links on this page, although they say “http:\” actually try to take you to “\” which is of course a dead link.

Thanks for that feedback, so far I have not been able to replicate what you have found, when I click on them they go to the website, can someone else check for me as well.

I have changed the link properties to open in a new window, see how that goes. 

Many thanks, Peter


It’s worked fine for me both before and after you adjusted the link.

Thank you for the quick reply, that has put a worry to rest.

It would not be the first mistake I had made, and certainly not the last 

Hi.  I checked again using Internet Explorer 8 and Chrome.  The link works correctly in both of those but is still broken in Direfox.  (Heh - genuine slip of the finger there - I mean Firefox, of course)

Thanks Martin. Now I am puzzled 


you have answered your own question by leaving a comment,

you have found this page

we were trying to get members  from Mk & C to use this forum more






Good local info from mk area

FYI the linkage in the OP is wrong.

Also how is Kings Langley part of MK and Chilterns? :frowning:



The link seemed to give some people a problem at first, not one I had noticed, but this is the first report of a problem for a while. I just clicked it and it seems fine.

What system are you using to view it?

Kings Langley is a smaller meeting held at a Pub/Hotel chosen by the attending members for that part of the region, the WD postcode is not actually in our area but the venue was a favourite for the carvery eaters 

It is 0.7 mile drive into the WD postcode area but 0.2 mile from the boundary of HP3, the most Southerly part of our region.