Missing Plastic guide to attach bumper to wing

Hi all,

I am nearing the end of my mx-5 mk2.5 restore following extensive passenger side damage and I have a plastic piece that lifts the side of the bumper missing. I have attached a photo of the drivers side to compare. I have searched for this part but cannot seem to nail down what it is called or where to buy one. Doe’s anyone know the correct name>?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NB
  2. I’m based near: Ammanford
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Mounting bumper to wing

This may not be the part you are looking fot but autolink or your mazda dealer should be able to get one

Although a different shape on my ND, it does a similar job and it is called a (bumper) slider. Hope this may help.

Its the black plastic part in the photo that the notch slides into that I was looking for, I think those white connectors are further towards the wheel arches

Anything on this?


or this?


Thanks bobm thst site is really useful but I still don’t see what I am looking for. I have marked the location where the photo was taken on the attached image, and I will take some better pictures tomorrow to hopefully clear up what I am looking for:

Can I suggest you call an MX5 breakers, they can take one off a scrapper and post it to you?

Here are the pictures, hopefully they will give a bit more context as to the shape of the part and where it is located.IMG_7228a

Can only put one image in a post… Here is the nearsideIMG_7229 (2)

Front Bumper

Is it not either 50-042F or 50-043G? What does it look like off the car?

I though it was those but no, I have found the part though from another forum: N06650E13A. Thanks for the help all I was loosing my mind!

I have found it by looking on an old version of the parts catalogue. Thanks for posting the part number.

It is actually the part with D code 50-043G. Have you tried to order it yet? The part number may have changed to NC10-50-E13A when you come to do so.

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