Missing transport rubber plug? MX5 RF underside of sill towards rear of car

Yep, that is defo missing!!!

Hi Mad_Malc , thanks for your reply. 2 x plugs needed then, one each side. I have spent a few days undersealing and waxoyling sills and found the holes.I will contact the dealer, bought the car in Feb so plugs not replaced at PDI. I tried your lumber support method that you kindly messaged me some weeks ago, I could not get the support low enough in the seat. Using a Mckenzie lumber roll off ebay now and does the job, fitted between seat squab and back of seat.
Thanks again for your advice.

Hi Mike, They were missing on my first ND and our 30AE. Both dealers provided the goods when their omission was pointed out so I am confident you will have no problems get some FOC.
Pleased you are now comfy and enjoying your car.