Mk 2.5 Cold air induction filters

Prices and performance claims seem to vary considerably - anyone fitted the Barbarian Racing kit?

No need for anyone to answer, I have decided that there are other MX5 things more important to be chasing than cold air induction filters!

but, they are worth doing as they sound good… 

I have a Monsterflow on my 2.5, its been on it for years now, and just make the car sound better, I can’t really claim it does much more! Don’t think you can get them now, but there are similar alternatives with the replacement pipe and a cone filter such as the typhoon, which give a similar result.





Or just put a cone filter onto the end of the existing inlet pipe. Total cost about £10


And then I would have a very unconnected temperature sensor!

Maf sensor stays in place.


If you remove the airbox a sensor goes with it.
So with your thinking where would that go?
Just interested as I had thought about sticking a decent filter in the end of the inlet pipe, but couldn’t see any way round the spare sensor placement

Nice photo!
But no clue as to where the airbox sensor has gone (the one that plugs in to a rubber bung on the airbox)?
Or perhaps yours never had that - is it a Mk 2.5 VVT?

It’s just zip tied onto what is left of the airbox just underneath the cone filter. Runs perfectly OK like this.

Perhaps one could also use a short length of rubber hose of the correct diameter for the inlet, and jublilee clip hose to inlet tube and cone filter to hose, Drill hole in hose and push i.a.t sensor into this (although this may to a certain extent reduce air flow capacity.
Problem being this gets cone filter even nearer to the exhaust, and the whole system works best with the coldest air possible?
You don’t seem to have a heat shield between the washer bottle and the cone filter? Maybe you still have one on the exhaust manifold, or have bandaged the exhaust?

To be honest, it was only a temporary thing to see if it worked OK. It has so it has stayed in place as it sounds so much nicer.

I had the Racing Beat setup on mine, it keeps the intake in the factory position feeding air from the wheel well.

£279 for a piece of rubber hose, a few clamps, some bent aluminium tube and a K&N filter.
Out of my league I am afraid!

I’ve have fitted a barbarian cold air to a 2.5 vvt, probably no power gain but it sound perfect with a mx5 parts back box :grin: