Mk 2.5 ECU - how to re-install

Last week my 2.5 came to a spluttering halt the day after I drained the flooded passenger’s footwell (blocked drain holes, now cleared, still a slow drip coming from somewhere though!). the car had been running fine and let me down en route to a meeting, so I had to have it recovered while I continued my journey. The garage removed the seat, cover plate and ECU which they dried out over the weekend and re installed loose on the floor to allow me to have the car back - (they fitted me in to get me going but didn’t have space to reassemble,e everything properly)

Now I have the car, seat, cover plate and a pile off screws etc but I can’t see exactly how the ECU etc fits back under the plate - has anyone any pictures or advice? - MOT test booked for Friday and I don’t want to have to cancel!

I’m struggling to get it all back together as I can’t see well enough and cat bend in the right places!


I am having ECU issues too. I found this photo tutorial which should show you where everything goes.






My advice would be not to fit it back under the plate on the floor.

Fit the ECU up behind the glove box, away from any water, should it ever happen again.

I’ve done this with both my cars and it’s really simple, using the brackets that you would use for under the plate.

This is very good advice but make sure there is no residual water in the connector plug loom. I had a garage customer who positioned the ecu behind the glovebox raising the associated loom. Water from within that loom then flowed into the immobiliser, wrecking it so he ended up having to buy a kit off me.