MK 3.5 Air Con Condenser Replacement

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __Mk 3.5
  2. I’m based near: __Shrewsbury
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I’m looking at replacing the Air Conditioning Condenser (located in front of and attached to the radiator). Can I simply unbolt the metal hoses and temporarily plug the openings or will the system be under pressure? I assume I will lose a small amount of refrigerant. Would the system need re-gassing after installing the new condenser?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


My first question is, are you changing the condenser because it leaks and therefore the air con doesn’t work?

You have a low and high (when the compressor is running) pressure.
If you undo/dislodge any hoses or whatever else it will need re gassing correctly.
“They” get very excited about discharging into the atmosphere by the way. :+1:

The system has to be evacuated first by someone with the correct equipment. It is not a DIY job. Once it’s empty, you can replace the compressor yourself if you like.

Ok thanks guys. Sounds like I may as well leave it to the professionals. I’m upgrading the cooling system due to general corrosion and mileage. New Moroso Expansion tank :grinning:, radiator, and power steering coolant hose. I had the bumper off at the weekend and noticed a damp patch on the bottom left of the condenser so may as well do the job lot. I had the AC regassed recently but it still didn’t appear to be running as cold as it should. Perhaps there is a leak in that condenser. I’ll get the system checked for leaks at the same time.

You will lose all the gas, and it will need regasssing, but

Yes someone might get excited about releasing the gas to atmosphere, but there are bigger problems in the world regarding pollution.
I’ll be perfectly honest, cracking that union off and releasing the gas wouldn’t concern me in the slightest.

If only we could choose which laws applied to us.

Not only is knowingly releasing F gases to the atmosphere probably illegal, if the escaping gas gets in contact with your skin it can cause nasty burns. Leave it to a professional. The OP has made their decision so I’ll close this topic now.