Mk 3.5 Battery replacement

  1. My model of MX-5 is: Mk 3.5 PHRT__
  2. I’m based near: Preston__
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Best Battery__

Evening everyone,
Not been a battery question for a while so anybody got any recommendations both battery and offers? Looking at previous posts the Yuasa HSB053 Silver 12V Car Battery is well recommended. Currently £89-99 at Halfords, less 8%.
Regards Glenn

I usually order mine from Tayna, generally a bit cheaper.

People like Yuasa silver. I use Varta Blue.

I got my Yuasa HSB053 from GSF during their sale for £49.99

Yep had the Yuasa Tayna supplied battery (eBay) for mine.

Hi Dean, what month was that? Currently £88-32. Tanya cheapest at £75-42. Tempted with Halfords as they have stock at £81-00 ( 10% off sale). Shame they wont give me the club discount as well.

Was back in May

Tanya is sub £70 at mo

Unfortunately plus £8-00 delivery. Gone for Halfords with their 10% off ( could not get our 8% on top) so £81-00. They have stock and I prefer real shops when I can.

So, connected the trickle charger as suggested in an earlier post in order to keep settings etc, swapped out the batteries and all is good. Thank you for the advise etc.

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