Mk 3.5 tail trims

My tail trims are almost flush with the tail pipes. I would like to adjust the trims out further but they appear to be spot welded in place. Is this the case or should they be adjustable??

If it’s the standard OEM box then they are spot welded and therefore non adjustable.
Mine is on the wall and 3 spot welds on the bottom and “looks like 2 on the top” towards the front of the car as you look from the rear, (can’t quite see and not taking it off the wall).
They can be drilled/ground, (but be VERY careful) and therefore removed to fit other ones. I recall MX5 Parts sell them, (maybe wrong on that last bit). :+1:
Yes, they do but out of stock.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

Yes, MX5 parts do sell them but imho, they are surprisingly dear.

I have thought of taking a dremel to the tail-pipes to shorten them by a cm or so…

Look like these?
Mine do have 3 welds on the bottom and 2 on the top.
A good after market stainless steel exhaust place should be able to sort you out with something that looks nice. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Yes, why do they have to fit them so the original tail-pipes are quite so prominent??

Do you mean a fabricator, retail(pipe)er / fitter??

A good question probably due to the manufacturing process.

Cutting a bit off could be a bit of a problem? (I’ve got a spare one on the wall if you cock it up :wink:).
It would have to look neat otherwise it really would look naff (in my opinion)

Yes someone like Powerflow exhaust.
Or any other one that makes/supplies the tips.

To be honest I was a bit like you and also wanted something with a bit more “Sports car sound”.
It’s the Cobalt exhaust from Moss that fits the bill.
I did try a Go perform,(too noisy and drones) others have tried different ones. But the Cobalt seems to come out tops every time.
Personally, I think it’s great and gets the thumbs up from quite a few owners on many threads on the forum.

Maybe out of your budget or what you were after?
Moss do have sales from time to time.
The biggest stumbling issue I found?
Was my wife!!! :joy:
Hopefully you can achieve what you are after. :+1:


Yes, I’m aware of the Cobalt but I have very similar problems to you it seems in having to get stuff past High Command. . My thought is that, as well as looking better, having the exhaust exiting from a larger diameter might have a similar effect to a church organ pipe and give a deeper burble than the rather nondescript sound you get as standard.

I by-passed “High Command” in the end.
Waited for her to visit her mother in Wales for the weekend.
Dapped off to Moss in Bristol, picked it up and fitted it before she got back home. :wink:

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A braver man than I.


Keep an eye out online for people selling them, I managed to get mine for £150 and the guy fitted it while I was there which saved me a job and I could enjoy it on the way home! If I happen to come across one I’ll post it here for you or in a message!

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Thank you.

Maybe some people fit them and then find their line-managers have sensitive hearing…

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