Mk 3 better exhaust note please

Hello folks!

After nearly four long and MX5less years I’m back!

I‘ve just bought myself a 2006 Mk 3 in really nice condition… the trouble is the exhaust note is, well, ordinary.

Looking underneath the back box must be original (55k on the clock) so it probably won’t last too much longer.

Anybody have any suggestions what I can change it for to sound a bit more sporty but still be legal? Or am I better to start at the other end with a different air filter set up?

i have to keep it all legal and reverseable beca I have a 12 month warranty from Mazda as ‘approved used’ so I don’t want to muck that up.

Any suggestions much appreciated!


I went for the Cobalt back box from Moss Europe. Nice sporty tone without being too droning, easy on the ears too.
Sometimes they have them on offer.



I have a ‘new’ Cobra back box for sale (It’s on the forum for sale post).

If you e-mail me at, I can send you all the details.


Plus1 on the Cobalt.

We have a Cobra on our MK3 Sport and it sounds lovely, I’d go for that every day.

Cobalt on mine.

Any links to both brands?


I bought the Cobalt  from Moss Europe

Can’t do the link as it doesn’t copy correctly to the exact item, I did a snip of what you want below. £275 is their top price, if you can wait until they have a sale register for a news letter/catalogue, they then send you out flyers with offers.

application screenshot


Had a cobra road back box on mine took it off as it was to much drone on a run 

Put  on a cobalt and havent regretted the desicion one bit 

were all different thou 


GoPerform on mine