mk 3 boot capacity and bags

okay. I am sure somebody will tell me the exact size of a mk 3 boot capacity in litres.

I am looking at possibly getting some soft bags for next years holiday. anybody got a specific best sizes fit they use.


cheers  people.


How about this for sitting on the bootlid.

Excellent piece of kit, fits my Mk 3 PRHT



I fitted the OC holdall in mine earlier this year, that’s quite sizeble plus another slightly smaller one along with it. Then a combo of a smaller bag and two average size backpacks seemed ample for my weeks holiday. I guess with more careful planning/packing we could stretch that to a 2 week holidays worth of the associated stuff you would take with you. I thought about a boot bag but that would just mean we would maybe take too much with us, been there and done that over the years and you end up not using/wearing the stuff.

The OC bag is in the store section for sale, all details are there.

there was also this company who showed at our rally last year, I think.

Looked very good, but, might be a bit fiddly speading all your stuff around different cases.



The capacity of the mk3 is 150L which is incidentally 20 more than the mk4

We use 2 Samonite soft sided Duffel type bags approx. 56cmX30cm north and south down the boot with a slightly smaller one along side them. The space/recess/indentation on the bottom of the boot contains warning triangle/tyre gloop and a small first aid bag. This still allows for other smaller items in the gaps either side of the boot and jackets, jumpers etc. on top of the bags.  This arrangement has worked well for numerous 2-3 week trips for myself and wife across most of Europe.  Hope this helps?

Any kind of soft holdall will be fine. We have some Roadster bags that work well in the MK1, MK2 and MK3.

I’d avoid anything boot mounted, the turbulance will drive you nuts.

Boot bag does not give a problem with turbulence, as long as you keep the straps tight and taped with masking tape

I find the boot bag would be ok going straight from A to B. I decided to just load the boot up, that way an en route stop I didn’t worry about the security of what’s strapped onto the boot lid. I don’t mean just refreshment stops, we like to stop off at various locations sometimes and see the sites.

But I digress from the main subject matter.

We just released the bag from the boot lid and stowed it on the seats




plus coats etc =


it’s like a little tardis.   

We went to the local sports direct shop and purchased two sports holdalls that when full you can fit them in with a small amount of room around the edge that we put boots, shoes,wine and any hard small items that way you can use every bit of spare space.

Stay away from any hard suitcase type bag as they take up the boot space and make it hard to get items in the small nooks and cranny’s.  

Those hats will get squashed Joe.

they did :slight_smile:

We used Roadster bags for a week in Cornwall this summer and will use them again for 2 weeks down to Italy. 3 piece set tailored to fit and a bit of space down the edges.