Mk 4 with Silver or Dark Grey Wheels?


I know it was only a pre production car at Oulton Park this weekend and they didn’t have time to paint the wheels .   I thought I would finish them off for them!!

In my opinion I think black and dark coloured wheels look like the wheels trims have fallen off a cheap car but they are very popular.  What does everyone think?


Silver or Grey?


I hope Mazda gives us the option, I can’t see any reference to wheel colours anywhere.





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I would never put dark coloured alloys on any car, no way my own Mk3, it just wouldn’t suit it.

But having looked at you Photoshop job I really do think the Mk4 in that colour is suited to the dark alloys. I suppose it goes with the other contrasting black mirrors and windscreen surround and it would be my choice, just for that model.

Definitely Dark Gunmetal on a Mk4 in that colour. Had the standard Sport Alloys on my Mk3 powder-coated Light /Medium Audi Gunmetal which I think complements the Copper Red Mica. Not really into ‘bling’. As always it’s horses for courses and it would be really boring if all our 5s were the same. It’s one of the great things about the car; they are easy to individualise. 


I wouldn’t vote either way as I can see the merits of both.

Black or dark grey wheels were a big no no in the past for me but I really like them on my Kuro. They also look good on the 25th, the sport graphite’s and the MK4 Launch edition…

What would be good would be if Mazda offered them as a no cost option choice much as Merc does with my A-Class. At the same time perhaps they could offer some more imaginative body colour options? Why on earth do we need Three whites! Where’s the Yellow, Burnt Orange, Green, Bright Blue, solid Red etc…

I quite like the dark but tbh both look stunning.

Silver for me, but to be honest I’m not a fan of dark wheels on any car.

Black on that colour which is the same as my 25AE.

personally I’m not that excited about those wheel in grey or silver. It’s not the car’s finest point. But I think as a preference I would (will, if maybe) go for silver. Dark wheels can look cool but I think its a passing trend.

Looking at the spec on the Mazda site it goes like this

1.5 SE-L Body coloured mirrors, silver wheels

2.0 SE-L Black mirrors, dark wheels

1.5 Sport Black mirrors, dark wheels

2.0 Sport Body coloured mirrors, silver wheels

Looks like Mazda can’t decide which is the premium choice. No sign of any options either, once you pick your model you get the bits that Mazda decide to bolt on. Also the Bilstein suspension is only available on the 2.0 Sport, i.e. the 1.5 sport is mechanically identical to the other 1.5 models so what is sporty about it? The ‘configure my MX5’ section just doesn’t have much that you can choose. One thing I like about the whole MX5 scene is that you can go to a rally and see over 1000 cars and you would really struggle to find two exactly the same. Think that might be about to change.

P.S. Voted for the dark grey.

the fact they are all different at rallies is the huge amount of aftermarket stuff you can get. It’s going to be the same for the MK4, never fear… I’m sure there will be plenty of 4 stud wheels that will fit… 

Really like the Gunmetal grey/Shadow Grey alloys on darker cars, usually looks great IMHO. 

Not so sure about it on lighter colours such as Silver or White, this is really dependant on the car in question - don’t think it would work for a MX5. 

I vote dark gum metal colour just like Recaro Pack MK3.75 Edition.  

I would have to vote for the darker gun metal grey wheels there against that colour.

All down to the cars colour and personal taste I guess

But what I do have to say that car is just stunning. We are waiting to take delivery of our 2010 Sport Tech Roadster on Monday (14k miles!) but I know I will be in the dealership (or anywhere else I find one) and drooling when they arrive!

Like this

Silver wheels on a red car with factory setting suspension accentuates the tall ride height

Blue wheels


Dark wheels seem to look a lot better on a red car to me.
I’ve got 1.5 SE-L in Red coming that arrives in early November. I’m tempted to buy dark ones from Mazda parts to replace the standard silver ones that come with it.

Is there anyone who prefers silver who wants to swap or buy my olds ones if I replace?

Mine is a 1.5l SE-L Nav. Soul Red with body coloured mirrors and silver wheels, which I think suits it.  

However, if I’d had a model with black mirrors I think the gunmetal wheels would have been better.

My black Sportnav (see avatar) came with dark wheels and I think it looks great. If I’d gone for red it would have been a more difficult choice … but looking at the images above, I’d probably still go for the dark wheels (and I generally prefer silver!).

Design 66 Wheel

Mine has the optional Mazda wheels  dark grey / raw alloy.