MK1 1.6 clutch creep issue

Hi all, the use of my clutch had been getting worse for a while. The bite point went to the floor and changing gear was hard. You could pump a few times and it would spring back to life though!

It eventually died completely so i rebuilt the master cyclinder and bled the system. Worked fine for a day but now im experiencing the same issue. No where near as bad mind, but its still not working right.

Symptoms are:

Varying bite point
No leaks
Sometimes cant select a gear at all
Gets better if you pump a few times

Both master cylinder and slave are new.

Thanks all

You have air in the system. Check the rubber hydraulic hose.

It can go soft and bulgy when hot, especially if there was a previous oil leak onto it.
If so try this alternative shorter routed optional clutch hose

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Mine was hard work to bleed so I back bled it and that sorted it .

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