Mk1 1.6 Thermostat Housing - Potential damage to T piece?

I picked up a 1.6 Eunos automatic not too long ago and am currently doing some first time maintenance. Recently had a pressurised coolant leak/spray appear seemingly from around the top of the T piece in the thermostat housing, but upon closer inspection it seems like the only damage is to a brown, plasticy seal surrounding the metal piece (see image attached).

The metal piece itself seems completely fine visually so I’m wondering if anyone has seen a similar issue and if I would be safe to just tightly reseal the T piece and connected hoses with electrical tape? Maybe even replace the hoses, if that is more likely to have been the cause of the leak? If not, is there any other diagnostics you would recommend to try and nail down what the cause might have been?

Not sure what that brown piece is to be honest. The hose should seal directly to the metal pipe. If the metal part looks all OK, I’d get a new hose and hose clamp and fit it straight to the metal pipe.

Is there not another metal pipe coming off that pipe?

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I’m guessing you’re asking about the vertical section of the T piece? If so yeah, it’s just hidden behind my thumb in that photo.

That’ll be the one…

That steel insert looks to be in very good order. If the piece that tees off is similar there will be no issue. Check out the inlet pipe steel inserts too that are near the water pump.
The piece of plastic is not standard - perhaps some sort of fix for a failing hose. I would clean the steel pipe up, possibly apply rust killer and use a little silicone grease. Recommend you replace the hose with a genuine Mazda item(Autolink or MX5Parts)

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Cheers, reassuring to hear confirmation that the insert looks to be in okay condition! Just as I’m a bit of a newbie, do you happen to know the names of the specific hoses that connect to both openings on the insert?