Mk1 1.8 Clutch replacement cost

Hi Guys, Sadly had to miss the Sandringham meet as the clutch started to slip on my MX-5, the clutch pedal felt high when I bought the car at the start of the summer so it was kind of expected at some point. I’ve been quoted £374 all in to do the job, by a local garage who have done a good job on other work on it. I dont have the time, knowledge or space to do this kind of job myself unfortunately. I’ve seen the kits for not too much money so I dont know if this is a fair quote, what do you think?



Well, a half decent clutch kit will be costing them around £120 and the job should take 2-3 hours depending on how familiar they are with MX5’s.  Depends on their hourly rate, but that price seems a little steep.  I would charge around £300.  If their work is good and they are using a quality clutch it may be worth using them as they are your regular garage.

I agree with Eddy, £325.00 is about the right mark for a good quality clutch replacement, so your guy is not too far of the mark.

Thanks for your replies guys, sorry for the delay in replying ive been away. Really appreciate your opinions- I think Ill take it to this guy, he is local- all for helping the independant and means I can walk to and from teh garage :wink:

Are the MX5 NC clutches not adjustable ?

This is an old thread. See a more recent one here

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Fantastic description of what can or cannot be achieved with clutch adjustment on the MX5 NC. Thanks Richard Best from Ray in Essex ,