MK1 1600 Auto Import Gearbox

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NA 1600 Auto
  2. I’m based near: Bexhill
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Auto Box

Afternoon all

Last night on the A21, I had a sudden loss of gears and a big cloud of smoke

After getting it back on the drive, I have found that I have a large fluid leak from inside the bell housing

From experience it’s probably the torque converter seal, I have read that the seal can pop out on MX5’s, my guess would be that it’s that as I lost the fluid very quickly.

Anyone come across this?

Any suggestions, for gearbox specialists in East Sussex?

I hear getting the box out is a bit tight and I’m getting past the age where I should be lying under a car. If I had a ramp I might have ago.

Hi, try the mazdamender website, he knows his stuff on Mx5 auto boxes

Just found out the torque converter/ gearbox input shaft seal is no longer available.

I’m sure there is a seal out there somewhere, just need to know what it is, size or part number

Anyone out there that can help.

Taken my time, but the gearbox is out now and it is the torque converter seal that has popped out of the housing.

All that work for a cheap seal, hopefully got one to fit, could only find listings in the USA but managed to get the sizes from one of the listings and asked a company to try and match it.

Only got to put it all back together now :woozy_face:


Good result if it works.
Would be interested to know, as have a 1600 NA auto myself :anguished:


New seal fitted (not Mazda) to gearbox, road tested and no leaks and the gearbox works as it did before.

Bit of a pig to do on the ground due to the weight but easier to put back in than take out.

I was no rush so it took longer than expected.

So for the price of a few pints it’s back on the road.


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That’s really great news ! Well done :+1: :grinning:
Would you be willing to share details of the seal for future reference ?

Seal was this one, input shaft/torque converter seal.

There are cheaper single lip as per original, the one listed in the states was double lip and simply recommended this one to match it.

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Should have said the original is

NOK AH2493G Seal

But I couldn’t find one in this country and I think one of the companies said there were none available in this or other countries

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Many thanks

Hi, is this a common fault?

I have a 93 1.6 auto so maybe should get one of these seals while they are available just in case.

I’ve no idea to be honest, but find very useful to gather information like this as parts are getting scarcer for our cars. So one never knows


Not sure it’s a common fault, but there are a few American threads saying it’s happened to them, just popped out.

I couldn’t find any reason for mine doing it, it was a freezing evening but everything had warmed up by then.

The breather is clear, the right amount of oil, strangely I had checked it that week. The seal is not a really tight fit in the housing but tight enough I would have thought.