MK1 1997 Cigarette lighter not working

My cigarette lighter socket is not working I guess I should replace it with a new one however I do not know how to remove the original and fit the new one
Is there any guidance as to how to achieve this minor repair by someone that has no technical abilities?

I would check its fuse first

Some accessory plugs do not fit all sockets, usually because the centre pip does not reach the contact at the bottom of the well. There is almost nothing in the socket that can go wrong except for an accumulation of fluff or dirt or corrosion on the contacts.

Before diving in to rip it all apart, check there is voltage on the centre contact deep inside the socket relative to the contact at the side near the top. On the MX5 this will only be alive when the Ignition is switched on to Accessory or Engine Running.

I would use a multimeter, simply because it is quick and easy and gives a definite result. Other checks include trying a different device with an accessory plug known to work elsewhere, but that runs the same risk as before with your previous plug.

If the meter shows no volts, then as Gremlin says, check the fuse. If the radio doesn’t work and the mirrors don’t work, then this fuse has gone.

If the fuse has gone it is the 15Amp “Cigar” fuse behind the left kick panel. They don’t usually go for no reason, so check for shorts before simply changing it, again the multimeter is by far the best tool.

If the radio etc do work, then the fuse is OK. The other possibility is a broken wire, the Blue/Black wire should have the +12V and the Black wire should be 0V to chassis.

If all this is too much, then please ask someone who is familiar with auto electrics and has the correct tools and skills to have a look at it.

Thanks for that and yes the radio works but this car does not have electric mirrors so I can only assume the radio is on the same fuse as the cigar lighter and therefore its okay so it must just be a wiring break or the unit has had its day. The car is 21 years old I will follow your advice and get an auto electrician to have a look and see what is wrong

Perhaps it is trying to tell you something :face_with_hand_over_mouth: