Mk1 BBR turbo installation instructions

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 Hi Neil

Did you have any luck finding these instructions? I have just bought a '91 BBR turbo and soon hope to remove the turbo to inspect. It would be really handy if I had the original instructions so I know what I am up against!



 Removing the turbo is pretty simple to be honest. Mine seized soon after I bought it !!

Remove the airbox to get at the turbo/exhaust manifold. Undo the exhuast manifold botls and see if you can undo the exhuast downpipe bolts from the turbo (probably very stiff, think one of mine started to bend undoing it).

Take manifold off turbo by undoing the four bolts holding it in place or take the turbo and manifold out together and then spilt them. Think you have to take the manifold off from the top so you can get to the pipes around it. Disconnect the water/oil pipes and plug them with something to stop them leaking more. Disconnect rubber pipe that goes to intercooler front and then it should come it.

If your turbo is f*cked then I got mine rebuilt for 300 quid which seemed to be the going rate.

May have some photos of it in pieces if it helps. 

 Thanks Simon, that sounds pretty straight forward. I’ll give it a try. I hope I don’t have a trifled turbo! 

 If you want a photocopy of the BBR conversion document drop me a PM or email with your address.

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Sorry to bump this old thread, but I am also looking for the installation instructions of a BBR turbo! Could someone upload it and post the link here?

Or PM it, and I’ll upload it somewhere :slight_smile:

Sorry to pinch a post but I’m after fitting guide for a MK1 bbr turbo