MK1 Droplinks replacement

Hi all,

I have taken my car to my local garage due to a knocking noise in the front end and I was told that one of the droplinks was broken and needs replacing. I got a quote for £55 per droplink and I am wondering whether the price is fair and I should go ahead for the replacement?

Thank you in advance.

Just to confirm that is £110 + VAT to supply and fit a pair of droplinks to a MK1 car?

If so probably reasonable. Parts would be £20 - 35 and an hours labour charged to remove old and fit new.

This is a job that can cause some issue with seized and corroded bolts.  

I am planning on doing all four drop links so that would be £216 (VAT included). Looks like the price is fair, I will go ahead with replacement then.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

Seems fair.

I’ve used these for our Mk2.5 and they are fine.

 I think…Mk1’s are a wee bit cheaper…not sure. 


EDIT following better fact-finding.

Actually, £55.00 each is not so fair.

Eurocarparts do a pair for £60.00…seems not to matter front or back with a Roadster.

Product Code : 632590159


£32.95 from MX5Parts.

I think/hope that the prices I have discussed with the original poster include fitting the droplinks.

As already commented. the particular MK1 droplinks can be found easily for £20 - 35 a pair.

Not needed to fit these before but would imagine it will take time and likely require replacement fixings on an old MK1 car.    

Hi, I recently done all the drop links on my mk1, from memory I think they were about £15 each (£60 the set). As mentioned the bolts can be tight but they all come off and were re-used. It’s not a bad job to do at home, especially if its not a daily driver. You get the satisfaction of doing it yourself and know its been done properly and save a few quid at the same time! 


These IL ones are not great at all.

Been through two sets in both our Mk1 & Mk2.5 over 14 years.

Same issue as the 1 solitary customer comment on their site. 

Best advice: Avoid.

If you have ramps, an angle grinder and some safety specs, it’s one of the easiest suspension jobs.  Just whizz off the nut ends and tap em out.

The Mk1 uses the same droplink design on all four corners.

The Mk2 uses a seperate droplink design for each corner.

The Mk3 uses the one design for the two rear drop links, at the front the drop links are differebt for both sides and there was a design change during last 2008 cars.

The Mk4 uses a different drop link design at each corner.


Seems so. Ours were usually in while we had a coffee & sarnie.

Job jobbed.

Carparts4less same part as eurocarparts and a lot cheaper still