Mk1 engine change

I have a mk1 1.6 short nose engine that has given up, does the mk2/2.5 1.6 fit into the engine bay, and what mods have to be done to the engine to get it to fit.
Where is the best place to get a engine.

So far as I know, you can swap in a later 1.6 engine if you just keep all the Mk.1 loom, sensors, coils, CAS etc. and fit them to the bare new engine. There will be an issue with the alternator having a V-rib pulley where the new engine uses 4-rib pulleys. The V-rib water pump pulley could be swapped to the new engine but not sure if the old short-nose crank nose pulley will fit it. If not, maybe a '91-'93 long-nose 1.6 pulley would do, or fit a Mk.1 1.8 alternator and go with a 4-rib belt.

I just checked on Autolink and it seems the short nose engine crank pulley won’t fit later engines. So I’d check with them first but it looks like a long-nose 1.6 crank pulley will do. I know the Mk.2/2.5 pulley swaps with Mk.1 1.8, but it would be good to confirm it also interchanges with the long-nose 1.6.

Hope that helps.