MK1 front anti roll bar mounting position difference

I have a 1996 MK1 1.8 Auto Eunos, it has been damaged front nearside with the chassis leg a bit crumpled before the subframe mounting. I cut a leg and inner wing from an early mk1 1.6 and will replace the damaged leg with this one.
I have found the early 1.6 leg has the roll bar mounting about 12mm further to the rear than the later 1.8 mounting. I can cut and weld it easliy enough but I was surprised to find that difference.
I took measurements from various captive nut positions to confirm the difference. There is a 6mm thread captive nut just to the bottom right that shows the difference between the two models
Can anyone tell me when changes were made?

Th change happened when the 1.8 was launched.

Thanks, glad for your knowledge.
I never knew there would be a difference but I suppose most folk would not realise this change.
The early 1.6 inner wing has some small profile change compared to the later 1.8.
If anyone in Scotland has a 1.8 scrap shell I can cut out, let me know :slight_smile:

Check Autolink, they’re in Scotland

Thanks again,
I also just found MX5 city do a complete front end cut, ideal.