Mk1 front bumper and chassis section (Scotland)

Looking for a front bumper for a MK1

Also may need the OSF chassis leg section from the anti roll bar forwards.

Happy to pop out and remove that section.

Nearer to Edinburgh the better for pick up.



Is the “chassis leg section” you refer to rotted or impact damaged?

I suspect the latter if you need a nose as well.

Rather than start cutting from a donor car, you may find it easier to look up the ( of late) chassis leg repair sections…although they are more specific to Mk2/Mk2.5 cars since Mk1 legs do not give anywhere near the same rot issues, as the Mlk1 legs are single skin and do not trap rot inducing moisture.

At least if you look at these repair sections, it may give you an idea what is possible with fabrication.

Hope this helps.

( Falkirk here so a response of sorts from a local “Jockanese”)

That was my mk1 before I repaired it all  you would think it had it’s front end stuck in a river bed for 6 month


Small world KevKev eh?

Not seen Mk1 rails that bad before.

Thanks folks,


Not rot but accident damage, the leg in front of the roll bar has some deformation (pushed back and down a bit)

I may be able to pull out the damage ok but it would be good to source another section just in case.

I think nearly every mx5 breaker would have a shell with this available as not many will need this part on a MK1…not sure I can find locally though.

A good front bumper is still required.

Hoping to have this on the road for Spring



Go into my profile scottishfiver you’ll see what the rest was like I was gonna scrap it but decided to resurrect it  Can’t beat a MK 1.


I take it you already tried searching on eBay for “mx5 breaking” there’s a few come up, closest mk1 to Edinburgh is in Glasgow - maybe get a Citylink bus…

It only lists a wheel nut for sale, contact us for parts etc. etc. but they may have the nose cone still. Not entirely sure from the pictures but I think it might be Montego blue, not Satellite blue but it would be a closer match to be getting on with than something like bright red I guess.


Never tried the search term MX5 breaking, will trawl ebay again.

Colour does not matter, I can paint it back to my car’s colour easily.

I did contact one breaker who wanted 170 plus vat !!! I can buy a whole ruster for that price

Thanks for the tip

New part from Mazda about £100 inc VAT if they are still in stock but quite a few Mk1 parts no longer available via Mazda.

Surprised! never thought to try a Mazda dealer.

Myabe an impossible ask but will call, cheers :slight_smile:

Just called Mazda Edinburgh, yes they can get new bumpers…surprised! The parts guy mentioned that Mazda were remanufacturing Eunos MK1/MX5 parts again as they offer a restoration service in Japan to rebuild the cars at the factory.

They said the eunos and mx 5 (uk model) were different and gave different prices. I expect the difference may just be a part number, Can anyone confirm if there are differences?

Prices: Eunos,  £292 +vat 6-8 weeks shipping from Japan

          MX5 UK £278 +vat and 3 days delivery as in Europe

Maybe worth calling around Euro Mazda dealers for a better price

Plenty cheapos around.

BUT…call Andrew at Autolink in Dumfries.

01556 509088

He can pop one off today for less than 100.00 inc P&P.

He’s waiting for you to call when it suits you. 

Just spoke to him. 

Andrew was my core source for my Mk1 refurb.

I was going to suggest Autolink as well, but the site didn’t list any nosecones for sale so I figured he musn’t have any in stock.

I’m another one who would definitely recommend Autolink for parts (and most importantly, customer service).

Don’t forget to use your club member discount though

Sorry I was reporting the price of what looks like the front chassis rail from looking at the parts diagram.



“Our Andrew” always has lots more than his website lets on! 

Shame that the op isn’t a Club member to get any discount


Life’s a balance though.

TBH, with Andrew’s highly competitive prices, it was never an issue with me frankly, though you make a fair observation. 

He plays the game fair anyway.


Only difference between new Roadster & Mx5 noses is one has badge holes pre-drilled (Eunos) and the Mx5 one does not.

Thanks ScottishFiver,

I have called autolink and ordered a used bumper and a few other fittings…what a great help!

Thank you to everyone for the good advice and help.

They would normally offer body cut sections but they have no MK1’s left, mostly MK2’s

So, hold onto your MK1’s, the same thing happened with minis/escorts etc now you never see any in a breakers yard