Mk1 headlights don't pop up when flashed

  1. My model of MX-5 is: mk1 1.6 import
  2. I’m based near: preston
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: my mk1 headlights dont pop up when I use the flash. If I need to to flash someone out of a junction or whenever I have to manually put the lights up then flash. Is there anything I can wire in to make them pop up when I flash?

TIA, Nigel

You need to do a mod as they do not come up on flash as standard.

Lots of people have done this modification, but most instructions tell you to get to the plug under the dash - which is hard to see.

Instead, I dropped the cowl around the steering wheel off and disconnected the electric plug where it connects to the stalk.

I inserted a diode between the Red/White stripe wire and the White/Black stripe wire - it is easier doing the mod at this end of the wiring loom, rather than hanging upside-down to get to the plug under the dash.

Diode Part number 1N 5408

Picture of connector

It is a simple matter of pushing the diode leads into the plug, making sure the lead is tightly jammed by the connectors; I used a flat-blade screwdriver to make a gap between the metal wiring connector and the side of the plug - pushing the diode lead into the gap and then taking the screwdriver out leaving the diode lead held securely between the connector and the plug body. Sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Once this is done, reinsert the plug and “flash” your lights. The headlights will pop up for as long as the flash is held.
Some pictures I found on the web . . . .

Connector by Indicator Stalk, viewed from drivers seat

Connector by Indicator Stalk

View from the right hand side

Diode jammed into the plug - note the stripe on the diode goes to the White/Black Stripe lead - important (really important :o )

Tape it up for safety . . .

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Thank you for this i wasn’t 100% sure if they were meant to pop up or not. Thanks again great write up and a lot of help.