MK1 headlights

Took my 1995 mk1 out for the first time today, was shocked at how poor the lights are. What is the most popular upgrade for these lights?

Crystal Headlights and Zenon bulbs. You can get them from mx5parts, but they supply ordinary bulbs. 7" headlights the same as many older cars (Land-Rover/Capri/mini/golf)

Loads on ebay

Wipac S6071 units and Ring Xenon Ultima bulbs did it for me.

Currently £39.99 and £13.50 on eBay.

Thanks folks :slight_smile:
There are lots of small twisty country roads around me so really need good lights

Note, most 7" H4 lamps will have a sidelight fitting. You can still fit them though. The high beam cutoff on these lamps isn’t great though.

Polycarbonate headlamps do, over time, scratch.

Don’t discount giving the headlamps a clean. When the headlamps retract, they are meant to be given a “clean” by a piece of rubber.

The headlights are clean, Last night in the dark and rain it was a difficult drive.
I would prefer a glass lamp over polycarbonate, will check on the markets for glass lights first.


Cibie, Hella are usual quality brands, Raybrig was, but no longer available.

Ta :slight_smile:

Most lights these days are Polycarbonate and scratches and any discolouring (takes years) will polish out

No, my polycarbonate headlamps haven’t discoloured. Instead, years of rubbing on the rubber strip has left a mark, plus the overall surface has become cratered.

Tried polishing, doesn’t come out.

Apparently Jeep Wrangler headlamps work

Someone might know this car


some good choices to consider