Mk1 in the boot - what are these for? (now with pics!)

Can anyone tell me what these are for? Looks aftermarket to me. (Took a while to get the pics to work!)

  1. Overall pic showing fuses next to aerial, and socket below:

  2. The socket that runs off towards the front of the car that, as far as I know, has never connected to anything

  3. The two fuses on their own, not sure what they relate to. There is a separate box above the battery which shows ‘antenna’ so don’t think these are to do with the radio etc

Thanks in advance.

Managed to get the pics to upload at last…

 Not an electrician so not any help I am afraid, but does not look standard. I have just checked mine and all I have is the standard one that you have for the aerial and heated rear window. All you can do is either trace the wires or pull the fuses and see if anything stops working ie the rear fog light. Maybe it had an amp or CD multi changer in the boot at some time.

I see you have a manual aerial so maybe it had an electric one at some time and the 4 pin white plug is something to do with that. Am sure somebody will be able to help though. 

The fusebox with the blade fuses and the white connector are definitely after-market fittings. And a 20A fuse is a pretty sizeable one as well. The existing black fuse box is for the electric aerial and heated rear window. Is the car an import? It’s possible that one of those fuses is for the rear fog light if that’s the case? (I have a relay and fuse box in that position for my rear fog light.) As to the connector, it’s really hard to tell without tracing the wiring to see where it goes. Perhaps a CD changer was fitted at some point and that was the power connector?

Thank you both for your comments -

Phil H thanks for checking against yours, I will check the fog light to see if one of the fuses is for that.

Paggers no the car is not an import, it’s a UK '96 Merlot with the usual (I think?!) fog light at the bottom of the rear bumper. We tested the two fuses last night and found the red one was for the central locking (alarm and immobiliser would still arm, but doors did not lock/unlock), but the yellow one didn’t make a difference to the secutiry system - we didn’t check the fog light but I suppose we didn’t think it could be that as the other was security related. It’s not (currently) an electric aerial, do you think the bits in the boot indicate there was once one installed?

I’ve had the car for seven years, it seems someone has done a bit of extra electrical work in the past - a switch to operate the boot light has been installed in the boot. It has an aftermarket Clifford alarm which along with the immobiliser I am trying to identify here - as one fuse in the boot is for the locks could I assume all security bits are in there too rather than anywhere else? I think I read somewhere the Mk1’s came with a Mazda immobiliser only, and the alarm has been connected to that. My problem is the immobiliser has been playing up lately, not disarming when the car is unlocked and key turned, so I’m hoping I can identify and disable it until I can get it sorted properly…

Thanks again.


Not much help i am afraid but i have the same 2 connectors black one for the elec aerial 10amp and another 10amp fuse (mine does not have a fuse fitted

and a white connector which is a plug rather than a socket my MX-5 (Bonny) is also a MK1 1996 UK MODEL so this socket is also where the electric aerial fit into

see pics



 The white connections are OE and are for a electric aerial and fuse box, which are both 10amp fuses which feed the electric aerial and heated rear window, with her being a UK spec Mx5 there should be no need for a added rear fog light as they were fitted as standard at the factory, only the imports needed them adding, there are 3 aftermarket blocks, the one coming of the battery i would chase it and find out what that is covering, the two rip tied to the aerial, looks like there as been some thought gone it ,and could be some aftermarket kit that is pypassing the OE heated rear window(which there should be a relay also)? wiring is to thin for a amp.

But without getting my head in there we are all guessing, try pulling the fuses and see what stops working?it could be something that as been added over the years by one of the owners ,that is now not used, the imports were great for that.

It is not OE but added aftermarket blocks and loom.