Mk1 - Limited Edition

Hi Everyone,

New to the Owners Club having bought our first MX-5 last week.

1991 Limited Edition in British Racing Green. Number 218.

Absolutely delighted with her.

Our plan is to restore her back to full glory.

Very happy to receive any tips and advice and very much looking forward to getting ourselves along to some events.


Sean & Steph


Welcome! Nice looking car and the tan interior suits it well. No tips from me, I have a '93 SE but Iittle by way of DIY skills.
What needs doing to yours?

Hi Sean and Steph. Your car looks a little belter from the photos. Lovely colour combination.
Enjoy the whole ownership experience and welcome aboard :+1:


Thanks very much.

We’ve got a wee oil leak/weeping from around the valve cover by the look of it. Little bit of a belt squeal on a cold start and the rear shocks/springs look like they need done. Little bit of work on the driver’s seat needed and a couple of little bits of trim needing replaced.

Probably all followed by a respray.

So lots to keep us busy! Lol!

A particularly challenging bit is the alloys. They are the original OZ alloys which is brilliant. We are missing one of the centre pieces though and also the tool that let’s you take off the centre piece to get access to the wheel nuts. Both of these things are proving difficult to track down.

We are looking forward to chipping away at it.


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Thanks very much

You’ll find plenty of friendly folk on here to provide advice for all that, I’m sure!

Since I bought mine a few months ago, I’ve changed and flushed the coolant (incl cleaning the grubby expansion tank which now looks good as new) and replaced the gear lever gaitors which had perished and were letting heat / smells through from the transmission. Made the cabin far more comfortable.

Oh and the roof drain holes, my car lives outside and seems to be a magnet for leaf litter now autumn is here.

Next job is to find out how to stop the headlights popping up on sidelight only., which is annoying.

This is a great forum for working out what and how to dos…


Hi, I also have a Limited Edition no. 248. Yes it is a great colour combination.
I wish you the best of luck in trying to find a center cap for the front wheel. The Limited Edition was based upon the Eunos Roadster V-Spec, so many tan trim parts can be sourced from these cars. You can contact me if you have any specific questions.