Mk1 Monza bottom injector seal

Hi all.
I have just sent my injectors, off a 1997 Monza, for refurbishment and the company have come back to me saying that the bottom seals are ceramic, not the standard rubber seals I purchased from MX5 Parts . (Image in the link below)

Does anyone know if I have to keep to the original type of seal, or can I use the rubber type purchased?
Many thanks for any help.


The original insulator/seal’s part number is ‘JE06-13-257’, and that would get you the part in your picture. However, the rubber replacement (part number ‘8574-13-257’) can be used as a direct replacement and is a snug seal. I’ve recently used these myself, and they seem to do the job perfectly!

Hi James
That’s great news, many thanks for your help.
Have you had the seals in long? It seems to me that as long as they provide a good seal and are heat resistant that’s all they are required to do.

No problem. Only about a week, but they feel like a good quality replacement. Once the fuel rail is on and tightened up, the injectors with the new seals are unable to twist in situ much at all. Whereas before I took them out in the first place they twisted round quite easily, which I noticed when unclipping the loom.

Thanks James.
I notice that mine twisted quite easily when unclipping the loom, before removing the rail too.