Mk1 or mk2

Im looking for a cheap project for me and my son.
Something to tempt him off his playstion
Anyhting but red. As its unkucky according to his mum

Me and my sons have a nb project. Went for the nb as it was cheaper to buy than a mk1. So far so good really. And it helps them get really interested in doing the car up. Always coming up with ideas etc …

I’m a Mk1 devotee myself but being sensible, I’d say Mk2/Mk2/5.
Looks like spares are more plentiful these days.
I expect you can land a project basket case for £150/£500 depending on how much pain ( educational modules?)you fancy
You will need them below.
And others.
Be very cautious re spares costs.
Lots of good guys.
Lots of charlatans.

Yes thats my plan.
Probably will have to be a mk2.
Being a mk1 owner myself i know cheap ones are rare nowadays

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