Mk1 power steering cooler pipe wanted

Hello there, looking for a power steering cooler pipe for a mk1. Mine has a slight leak in. Mx5 parts have none in stock and wont do for a while. If anyone has one off a broken car that is in good condition I will be interested in it.


Can you send a pic of what one looks like, we stripped one off a Eunos have various bits in the shed/garage I’ll take a look, but I need to know what one looks like :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi sorry for being a bit slow on this oneI dont have a picture but here is a link to the part on mx5 parts,


Had a rummage but can’t see anything that looks like that, sorry.

No problem mate :+1:

I’m going to try and fit a mishimoto rad instead of the cooler pipe this week so you can have mine if it works.
The rads are £30 or so and worth a look too.

Let me know how it goes! I dont know why I havent thought about that. I have an unused and unopened mishimoto rad sat in my room from a previous project haha. If your cooler pipe is in good nick ill buy that off you but if the mishimoto is nice and straight forward I may have a go at fitting that.

Let me know cheers!

How did this go?