MK1 slow oil leak clutch release cylinder?

Hi all, my 1992 1.6 S-Spec Eunos has developed a slow oil leak, got it above a pit today to take a look and it seems pretty clear where the leak is coming from. It is dirty and wet so I can’t be 100%. But on the driver side of the bell housing there is a square boot with a linkage, which when looking it up in my manual seems to be the clutch release cylinder? Is this correct (see pictures below)? The rubber boot seems to be where the leak is coming from, is there a gasket or seal that is known to go on these things? Also there doesn’t seem to be any effect on the feel or performance on the clutch from the leak.

Going to get it up on a car lift tomorrow, give it a clean and another look, will post more pictures then. But any experience, advice and knowledge anyone has with this would be much appreciated. Thanks

Looking at your pictures I would suggest you have 2 leaks.

  1. The clutch slave cylinder (the item bolted to the bell housing) looks to be weeping from the base of the rubber dust boot. this is a cheap item and not to difficult to change, can be awkward to bleed though.
  2. Leak from clutch release lever boot (the oblong one) this could be due to a leak from the main rear crank seal. Worth investigating as this is quite high up and could mean a lot of oil building up in the bell housing. After saying that it is a 1992 car and may have been like that for a long time and got no worse.

Good luck