mk1 turbo kit [1600 engine]

Hi chaps 

I just wondered if anyone had any dealings with mtech automotive in wiltshire as im thinking of fitting a turbo kit to my mk1 mexie 

They reckon they can fit a turbo and bring it up to 200bhp without any detrimental effects to the running or reliability 

Any advice gratefully received

Get the car well sorted in running gear,brakes,suspension,tyres and driver tuition before spending out on turbo upgrades. The money spent on sorting the car out to be as good as it can be as a standard example will far outweigh the instant power increase that a turbo will give and without the stresses and strains that the extra power will impose on the car.

The company in question has great feedback and will advise you on the sort of money that a proper turbo upgrade will cost to make it all work reliably. Good luck with your project