Mk2.5 Front Chassis rails corrosion


Had the front bumper off at the weekend and found both chassis rails corroded internally as not shown in the photos.                         There’s also evidence of it on the outer sections by the anti-roll bar bracket attachment points. I’ve effected a temporary rust inhibit and Waxoyl’d the internal spaces but am looking to have the rot professionally removed and replaced with good metal.

As this is a known issue with mk 2 /2.5’s and I’m sure some of you have had a similar unpleasant surprise. I appreciate your opinion on the severity of the rust  along with any recommendations for professionals who have carried out similar repairs on your 5s. I live in South Somerset, so any pointers to good repairers in the Somerset, Dorset or Bristol areas would appreciated. I’ve visited MX5 Heaven in Cerne Abbis, so am aware that they carry out the repair.

I look forward to your help and advice.




Make yourself a cuppa or two and read below. It’s a well known problem and some pointers to who can sort it.


Thanks for the thread - I see what you meant by make a cuppa or two- some of the rusty rail stories and pictures are horrific…



This company is a long way off I Know, but when looking at their site I see (Under Parts for sale) they do make repair kits for later MX-5’s 

Good Luck 

Seen a lot worse than that!

Glad to here it -but I’ll still get it repaired in the spring as the cars a daily runner…


I went to view a lovely Mk2 recently and found underneath all that spit and polish one hell of a corroded front chassis rail. After a very brief word with the owner about what I had found I got the feeling he knew it was there but pretended it was ok because it had an MOT. The sale price also indicated I should expect to find a less than perfect example.

Of course there are owners that haven’t a clue about what lurks beneath their pride and joy, but if OC members they have threads like the one on here to peruse.